Posted by updated on February 22, 2017

Updated on February 22, 2017

South Beach Diet Phase 1 dish

South Beach Diet Phase 1 dish

South Beach Diet Phase 1, is the most restrictive and shortest period of this diet. It lasts two weeks and its purpose is to control blood sugar level and get rid of cravings and whims. During this phase you can eat large portions of lean protein. You can have chicken, turkey, (skinless poultry), any kind of fish, shellfish, soy, etc.); any amount of vegetables, as broccoli, char, spinach; salads, tomatoes, raw carrot (not bolied), celery, fennel, green beans, eggs, low-fat dairy, some nuts, up to two tablespoons a day of extra-virgin olive oil. You can change it for one avocado pear or small quantities of monounsaturated o polyunsaturated fats.

In South Beach Diet Phase 1, you must banish fruit, fruit juice, starches (including bread, rice, pasta, whole grains), sugar, sugary foods and alcohol.

You must start at every meal, (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with protein. You have to eat it slowly letting your body become aware of the food intake. This is not specific of the South Beach Diet Phase 1. It is a general rule that everybody should know. Eating slowly is a simple way to bring health to the body. Eating calm will eliminate stress from such an important part of the daily routine.

Don’t forget to eat always slowly will bring you main health benefits, great satisfaction with the meals, better digestion, enhanced hydration and control corporal weight loss.

The stomach takes time to sends to the brain signals that enough food has been consumed. Eat quickly means that you can eat more before the alert is triggered. This leads to over consumption and weight gain.

Why so big interest in South Beach Diet Phase 1?

South Beach Diet Phase 1 offers dieters more interest than any other part of this slimming regimen. There is a reason for it. It works! And if you are healthy, two weeks is not enough time to endanger your life.

But if you allow me a small piece of advice, do not rush to lose weight. Unless you have a very important reason in two weeks’ time, it would be better to a slower strategy. A strategy that do not present a so big risk of backfire, that would leave you in another few more weeks in the square one. South Beach Diet Phase 1 you could find yourself in three o four weeks at the starting point again.

So avoid fast-track plans and instead try to lose weight gradually, allowing your metabolism to adapt to the new situation and eluding the fearful looming rebounds.