Posted by updated on February 24, 2017
Updated on February 24, 2017


Overweighed lady trying to fasten the jeans

A few days ago, I changed the old design of the page “Mediterranean Diet”. It required changes to get more transparency and depth. I didn’t do it before as I was too stuck to the veteran and glorious! WordPress Theme Kubrick.

After that, I have seen more clearly the needs and expectations of visitors. In two days they have made the post “The first two weeks” the most popular after the landing page. I have also seen not only the need of these friends of losing weight, but also its urgency.

I have to repeat that nothing in this life can be done properly if you rush to adopt the first solution you find, or if you accept the first answer that appears to you as being the best.

You might be in a hurry

I understand that you may want to lose ten pounds in a couple of weeks. Such a thing is possible, but the cost may be very high for your health or even for the objectives you want to reach. I remember a friend of mine who decided to do so for the purpose of visiting a person who had met in a chat. She really lost the ten pounds in that time (most of them of body water) but arrived at the deadline in such a physical condition that spoilt the so well planified date.

So, I am not going to encourage you to lose weight in a determined period of time. I want to do something more important. I intend to transform you in a person without weight worries for the rest of your life.

Change your habits

There is only one way to do that. It is to change your habits. Not for a period of weeks or months, but forever. It will not cost you too much in terms of sacrifice. However, you will have to invest in health. It will cost you maybe a little of money dedicated to buy real food, and another little bit of time, to prepare your meals.

I am going to place all the posts with the category “weight loss” in this page. And I am going to give you a list an easy tricks, or “tips” that will change progressively your current living habits.

I have chosen a special picture for this page. It is not a slim girl’s photo as the marketing rules would have recommended. I am trying to be honest. I want to show you the real life and the real people. Being normal is not a crime or something to be ashamed of. However, overweight is a condition that you have to correct to prevent further health problems.