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Updated on February 24, 2017

New Mediterranean Diet helps to lose weight

The Spanish NAOS Pyramid shows the different food groups, classified for recommended frequency of consumption. In the same level – what means same frequency – you can see diverse types of physical activities as walking, cycling, swimming, playing, climbing stairs, walking dogs, etc.

It is the first Pyramid to include such recommendations frequencies, both for nutrition and for physical activity, merging them in a single picture to encourage food habits and lifestyle in line with the Mediterranean Diet.  The objectives are to foster physical activity to improve health and prevent obesity.

The Spanish Food Safety Agency has created the NAOS pyramid, a easy understandable version of the  Mediterranean Diet Pyramid in which includes the exercise and the sports. It is has been displayed at schools, restaurants, homes, etc.

The translations of the Spanish words are:

In the red part:

Ocasionalmente= occasionally

In the orange part:

Cada semana= Every week
Varias veces= Several times
All together: Several times a week

In the green part:

Cada día= Daily
Varias veces= Several times
All together: Several times a day

In the blue part:

Bebe + Agua= Drink more water (Around 2 liters. This is found in a separate recommendation)
Estilo de Vida Saludable= Healthy Life Style

At the right side of the pyramid, you can see the physical activities frequencies:

Occasionally = Dedicate little time to sedentary activities like watching TV, playing with video games or using the computer.

Several times a week= practice a sport or activity several times a week,  such as gymnastics, swimming, tennis, athletics or team sports.

Daily= Perform every day for at least 30 minutes some moderate physical activity. It can be walking, going to work or school, taking the dog for a walk or climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator or using the mechanic stairs.


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