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Spain and Portugal map: The atlantic diet In the north west
Spain and Portugal map: The atlantic diet, in the north west

The Atlantic Diet is an entirely artificial concept. Portugal and parts of the Spanish coast border the Atlantic Ocean, sharing some nutritional habits with the Mediterranean region of the Iberian Peninsula. With the growing popularity of the Mediterranean Diet, there was an attempt to establish a new concept, the Atlantic Diet, encompassing countries such as Iceland, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Portugal, and Spain. They could have also included countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico, and all other Atlantic bordering nations, including those in Africa, without fundamentally altering the non-existent similarities in eating habits proposed by the Atlantic Diet founders.

The Atlantic Diet, a marketing endeavour

The Atlantic Diet has been formulated as a somewhat ambiguous theoretical diet, borrowing heavily from the Mediterranean Diet but emphasizing a higher consumption of fish over meat. However, the Atlantic Diet has failed to gain traction as a recognized dietary pattern in Portugal or Spain. Even diets like the Atkins Diet, albeit known for its risks, have garnered more followers. It appears to be more of a marketing ploy than a genuinely successful dietary movement.

Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that the Atlantic Diet, which emphasizes fish, vegetables, and olive oil, undoubtedly offers health benefits. While it may not have deep cultural roots like the Mediterranean Diet, it remains a nutritious and safe dietary option.

A Culinary Delight

The Atlantic Diet is characterized by its emphasis on fruits, vegetables, seafood, and olive oil. While meat is less prominent in the promoted diet, its consumption is not as restricted in practice. The quality of products is excellent, and regional gastronomy serves as a significant tourist attraction. Seafood, in particular, is highly esteemed in Spain.

Olive oil is a staple in both Spanish and Portuguese cuisine, and meals are often accompanied by a moderate intake of red wine. Dairy products, cereals, and nuts also play a role in this diet. Consequently, the Atlantic Diet incorporates all the essential elements of a recommended nutritional pattern, contributing to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Traditionally, the gastronomic culture of various Atlantic regions has been shaped by locally cultivated or obtained products. This dietary pattern has accompanied the lifestyles of countries such as Spain (especially Galicia, Cantabria, and the Basque Country) and Portugal for centuries. While regions like French Brittany and the United Kingdom (specifically Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland) claim adherence to this nutritional model, their cuisines may incorporate other elements that diverge from it.

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