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Updated on February 28th, 2017

New Mediterranean Diet

The classic Mediterranean Diet was followed by people with a high physical activity, either working in the country as peasants, at the sea as fishermen or walking a lot in the cities. The more sedentary people nowadays need less calories and have to accommodate their food intake to these needs. The New Mediterranean Diet is based in big amount of fruits and vegetables, less carbohydrates (although enough amount of them to burn this “combustible” and not others), a certain amount of legumes with less animal fat (olive oil instead), a good quantity of fish, specially the more bluish one (sardines, mackerel, anchovies, tuna, etc). Better if you consume them grilled or fried in olive oil. Eggs a few times a month, skinned milk daily, cheese from time to time and in special occasions enjoy a good piece of meat or some cured ham, “Serrano Iberico” if possible. This ham has less saturated fat than average one. The pigs are fed with acorn. One of the secrets of the Mediterranean Diet is that you have nothing prohibited, except artificial, trans fats. Do not eat margarines, even if they are made out of sunflower oil. Or things that have trans fat in its recipes (as some bad croissant, or bad fried chicken). Have butter instead if you have too or even lard. It is preferable. But my advice is that you change as much as possible the saturated fats for virgin olive oil.

A little bit of red wine is not bad, at the meals. Even for mature people. But only if you like it and you are not going to drive.

The Mediterranean Diet allows you to eat anything in occasional social events. In everyday life, get into the Mediterranean culture and style of life.

And please, move your body!

And remember, we do not recommend low carb diet. This is not Mediterranean Diet!


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