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Updated on February 23, 2017

Sonoma Diet Region

Sonoma Diet Region

The Sonoma Diet,  named after California’s wine country, is just a slimming diet, not a way of life. Some people, anyway, ending up adopting something similar to the Mediterranean Diet, turning it then into a kind of philosophy, a culture, a way of life. Unfortunately not everybody that lives near the Mediterranean Sea follows this diet. Every day more and more people are getting another customs. The principal reasons for this is lack of time and knowledge. You can see very often in Mediterranean countries whole families in which all members are overweight. It is due more to nutrition habits than to genes. Anyway, people that believes in this type of religion is healthy, have less coronaries diseases and are happier. This is the reason why congratulate that something like Sonoma Diet flourish new way of life in America.

The Sonoma diet is a slimming diet inspired in the Mediterranean Diet. It has three phases. The first one, of ten days of duration is very strict. The second one, it is a little more permissive and the last one is very similar to average Mediterranean Diet.

One characteristic of the Sonoma Diet is the use of special plates. This conditions the portions, but you can do the same by getting the habits of controlling what you eat.

In the Mediterranean Diet, if you want to reduce weight (maybe about 3-4 Kgs), you cut completely sweets, sugar and saturated fats. I do not recommend trying to lose more than that without medical guidance. In one or two months, you come back to the normal routine of food intake. Do not forget the daily exercises. But the knowledge must be in your mind. You have to be convinced. If you have to follow a paper, you will soon abandon your aim.

 Sonoma is the oldest wine-producing region in USA, settled around 1812 by Russian colonists. It is also known as “California’s Provence”.

The Sonoma Red and White Ball is a very popular event. Anyway, in 2008 is taking a year off to allow the Sonoma Plaza to recover from the frequent and multiple events held there. It will be restored.


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