The olive oil, the base of the Mediterranean Diet

In 1965 Dr. Ancel Keys, after completing the “Seven Countries Study” divulged the fact that in Crete, where 40% people food intake was olive oil, the heart diseases were considerably low. The research was made with more than12.000 persons from Finland, Greece, Italy, Japan, Holhand, USA and Yugoslavia.

In reality, there is not an exact formula of the Mediterranean diet, but the olive oil is the most significant factor.

Other important sources of calories in Crete came from bread, olives, vegetables, cheese, fish and wine.

About eighteen countries border the Mediterranean Sea. Countries with very different cultures, religions, ethnic background, economy and agricultural production. It’s difficult to say that there is only one Mediterranean Diet. Anyway, the common Mediterranean dietary pattern has these characteristics:

• high intake of vegetables, fruits, bread, pasta and other cereals, potatoes, beans, nuts and seeds

olive oil is the most important fat source and almost the unique vegetal oil used.

• The proportion of dairy products, fish and poultry is low to moderate. Not much red meat is eaten

• eggs are consumed from one to four times a week

• wine is consumed regularly and is a habit in the meals, but in low to moderate amounts (except in Muslim countries).

By the way, many people, even Institutions as Empowered Hospital write:

mediterranian diet

Others write:

mediteranian diet

The correct spelling is:

mediterranean diet


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