The 5 Factor Diet

The 5 Factor Diet was designed by trainer Harley Pasternak for people that need to lose weight fast and, at the same time, get in shape without feeling hungry and weak. The diet is based on the magic number 5. During five weeks you must eat five meals a day and do five training sessions a week with five exercises each of them.

In the 5 Factor Diet, each meal has five ingredients and should be prepared in no more than five minutes. The 5 Factor Diet meals must low in fat and calories and rich in lean protein like chicken, fish. You can also have low-fat dairy. In every meal should be fruits and vegetables, whole grain fiber, monounsaturated fats and water. All refined flour and food and liquids with added sugar is prohibited.

Before every meal you must drink a glass of water. So you will eat less food.

It is very important not to skip any meal. This would make the body to work to store fat instead of burn it. At the contrary, eating 5 times a day would increase the metabolism to burn fat.

Anyway, the 5 Factor Diet give you a reward: One day a week you can eat anything!

Not nice the 5 Factor Diet?